Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

The “First Wavers” of the Starseed volunteers are those that descended from the ships of “The Galactic Federation Of Light” (GFL) many thousands of years ago; at the beginning of the evolutionary period, just ended; and who have worked as “Ground Crew” on the Earth during hundreds of lives.

They are the “Bodhisattwas”; those that descended from 6D+ to 5D, so that they could re-enter the cycle of reincarnation to take birth on the Earth, and oil the wheels of spiritual evolution.

They have been the spiritual teachers, priests, priestesses and shamans, artists, innovators and inventors; the “Wayshowers” of “The First Wave”. They have exerted a civilizing influence and provided a spiritual connection for Humankind, and have guided them toward ascension to 5D at the end of the evolution. As that moment is now come, their work is done, and it is time for them to reblend with their Higher…

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